IT Security expert, Dad, maker,
woodworker, rusty chess player,
cat-servant, daydreamer…

Richard Sand is a veteran IT architect, engineer, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in Security, Identity and Access Management, and Cloud applications and infrastructure. He is the principal author of the next-generation cloud access management product, SSO/Rest. After starting his career with IBM and Netegrity, he founded his first consulting company in 2002 to provide Identity and Access Management expertise to enterprise clients, and later the software company IDF/Connect, to bring software products to market to bridge the gap between Cloud infrastructure and enterprise Identity and Access Management tools. Richard is a foremost expert at architecture, development, and implementation of IAM solutions. He has been a developer his entire career and an expert in all manner of Java and J2EE implementations. Richard has worked within some of the largest organizations in the world and has strong international experience, having worked and lived in Europe for seven years, as well as on-site client work throughout Asia. 

IDF Connect provides innovative Cloud Access Management solutions and services to enterprises and other large organizations.

Sand Security Services, LLC

Sand Security Services is my consulting company. We provide services in and around Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Electrical Engineering

I am presently enrolled in the Electrical Engineering PhD program at Temple University, specializing in robotics. No thesis yet.


I fancy myself a woodworker. My woodworking is not fancy. I fell for the fallacy that owning more tools makes a better woodworker.


Sometimes I play chess. Badly. I play in tournaments with my son, which I enjoy immensely.

The Homestead

The homestead is a beautiful, colonial-era property, and is abode to a menagerie of flora and fauna.